Singularity Token!
SIG is a company that develops AR software for 5G. Here are the benefits that 5G can bring to the industry.
Signalize generation token project has been changed to “Singularity Token”.
It will also be accessed automatically from the previous
We rebranded to tackle the big theme of technological innovation, not just 5G.

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1 SIG token price
0.01 USD
GPS can measure several tens of inches with 5G.
External sensor
By evolving to 5G, spatial recognition has various use cases.
Many things in the city will become a convenient world compatible with AR with the IoT that occurs in 5G.
About SIG
Why focus on software?

Large companies are working on device development. But they also always need software. Contrary to device development, most companies are not focused on software.

However, when mobile phones changed to smartphones, the power chart of games and SNS applications changed significantly. Similarly, diversification of devices with IoT requires software preparation.

We aim to bring versatile software to the next 5G network on a large scale and perfect basis.

Our Token
What is our project?
About the future that our technology will enable.

Can work

Contribute to warehouse, factory work and logistics work efficiency.


Can be used to direct large-scale operations such as events and construction sites.


SIG is scalable to large-capacity, high-definition entertainment and games.


Smooth international communication, business in foreign countries, and contracts.
SIG Info
Timeline Information
Round 1

Feb 15 –

Procurement will be extended by 3 months due to COVID-19.

1 SIG = 0.01 USD Token rate

50,000 USD +3%
(Bonus Plan)

100,000 USD +5%
(Bonus Plan)

Token distribution
  • 30% Reserved by service
  • 20% Liquid reserve token
  • 20% Reserved by founders
  • 10% Supply to seed round
  • 20% Mutual holding with partner projects
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Late half of 2018
Resource collection
for each specialty.
First half of 2019
Overall concept and monetization structure. Software design.
Late half of 2019
HP preparation, dissertation preparation.
First half of 2020
Start financing, issue tokens.
Late half of 2020
End of procurement.
Team build.
After 2021
Compliance check of each market. Application development.

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